In an unfortunate incident on Sunday, an Indian man while trying to set a new world record died while performing a daring act.

Sailendra Nath Roy, a West Bengal Police home guard and Guinness record holder, attempted a daredevil act by crossing the Teesta River, while hanging from a wire by his hair alone.

The stunt went horribly wrong when Roy's pony tail got stuck into the pulley of the 600 foot long rope.

The 49-year-old tried to free himself and kept trying for quite some time. He eventually suffered a massive cardiac arrest and died.

Onlookers pulled him down after much difficulty and took him to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead.

Lack of adequate facilities made it difficult to rescue Roy hanging in mid air. He was brought down after 45 minutes of struggle.

According to onlookers, loud noises and cheering from spectators made it difficult to realise that Roy's hair was stuck on a pulley..

Roy held a previous world record for pulling a 42 tonne train for 2.5 metres only with the tuft of his hair.

Siliguri police commissioner K. Jairaman informed that Roy had not taken any precautionary or safety measures before carrying out the stunt.