Our favourite Defender Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is upgrading his wardrobe in the coming season, and the new look is without a doubt, awesome. Last week, Daredevil's Twitter account had posted a photo of the suit in a box, and captioned it, "The suit makes the man". And now we have an image of the vigilante wearing it; along with another photo featuring another suit. Does that mean he will sport a third identity in season 2?

Turns out it doesn't. Although many believed that both costumes are new, upon careful inspection it is understood that the black outfit is the very same one Charlie Cox sported in season 1 for most of his fight. Following the release of the boxed outfit, there was also a 'nerd debate' on whether or not a photo featuring Matt Murdock in a black and red costume is from season 1 or if it is a promo for season 3. "Daredevil" costume designer Stephanie Maslansky settled that once and for all:

Regardless, the upgraded costume on the right will prove handy, especially since Murdock will face some of the fiercest warriors including The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung). While the former is an anti-hero in the comic books, the latter becomes Murdock's love interest; however, they part ways because the hero is unable to take Elektra's violent ways.

While Hell's Kitchen prepares for the arrival of new vigilantes, Daredevil himself may be looking to jump into another world. During an interview with Empire, Cox had said, "I'm looking forward to 'The Defenders,' and if they end up making a Daredevil movie or a Defenders movie or they include the characters in those other Avenger movies, then that's like an added bonus."

He went on to explain, "If you read 'Civil War,' Daredevil is kind of in the background a lot, and he just makes the odd comment here and there, and he's kind of very much a support character to the more famous Avengers. And so I think he maintains that kind of sinister, quiet aloofness. He's also not capable of the same feats as any of those guys are, so he's not disillusioned in that way. And he ends up kind of infiltrating the enemy in that series and being a key part of the whole resolution, but it's done not through violence, it's done through tactics... I don't imagine you'd be able to bring the same violence literally on screen."

Meanwhile, fans are waiting for any information on the season 2 release date, which is yet to be officially announced. However, a strong speculation is that it will come out on 15, April, 2016.

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