Daniel Radcliffe, who is best known for portraying the boy wizard in the "Harry Potter" series of movies, is all set to debut in his first villainous role in "Now You See Me 2." He will be portraying the character of a tech prodigy named Walter Mabry in the movie.

Talking with the Sidney Morning Herald, Radcliffe elaborated on his role and what encouraged him to go for it as the role also involves magic, just like Harry Potter, but of a different kind.

"Because the magic is so different from anything that is in the Potter films and the world and the character is so different, there was never really a thought that I was opening myself up to comparisons, until about a week ago when I realised, 'oh, I'm going to get asked about this!' But for me it was less about treading on the same territory, because I just didn't see any danger of that."

As fans are eagerly looking forward to watch their child hero in a negative role, here are five other prominent actors who are known for their heroic roles but opted for a negative one:

Jennifer Aniston ("Horrible Bosses")

The actress of the "Friends" fame is known for being adorable and playing sweet-natured roles. However, a couple of years back, Jennifer Aniston decided to take up the role of a foul-mouthed, sexually aggressive boss who harasses her employee in a very sexual manner in the comedy riot, "Horrible Bosses".

Heath Ledger ("The Dark Knight")

The late Heath Ledger won an Academy Award for playing the Joker in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." His committed performance brought the iconic comic book character to life in the most terrifying way imaginable.

Matt Damon ("The Talented Mr. Ripley")

"The Talented Mr. Ripley" saw Damon in one of his most disturbing and sociopathic roles, where he plays a con-artist who kills anyone whom he believes is an obstacle on his way to success. He combines jealousy, deception, rage and downright creepiness into one of his more stimulating performances.

Robin Williams ("One Hour Photo")

The legendary actor was usually known for his dramatic roles like the one in "Dead Poets Society" or the wacky comedic performance in the famous, "Mrs. Doubtfire." In the thriller "One Hour Photo," Williams manages to scare the smirk right off your face. Williams morphs into the dark side as a lonely photo-processing manager named 'Sy' who becomes obsessed with the life of a picture-perfect family.

Steve Carell ("Foxcatcher")

Steve Carell is hard to recognise and brilliant as the strange, sports-obsessed millionaire who lost the battle against his own demons with disastrous results in the drama crime "Foxcatcher."