Daniel Craig
Daniel CraigFacebook/ Spectre

Daniel Craig celebrates his 48th birthday Wednesday, March 2, 2016. Though the English actor has some critically-acclaimed movies like "Flashbacks of a Fool," and "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" to his credit, he is best known and loved for his portrayal of British special agent James Bond.

He debuted as Bond in 2006's "Casino Royale", and has since then played the role in three more films: "Skyfall," "Quantum of Solace", and most recently "Spectre." And now, rumours are running wild that Craig might be done with this role and is all set to step down as Bond.

We don't know whether Craig will play Bond in the next film, but thought it would be best to relive all of Daniel Craig's best Bond moments with some of his famous quotes, to celebrate his birthday.

- Have you ever killed someone? Your training will tell you that when the adrenaline kicks in, you should compensate... but part of you isn't going to believe the training because this kill is personal. Take a deep breath, you only need one shot. Make it count.

- Well, since "double-0's" have a short life expectancy, your mistake will be short-lived.

- It's just that not so long ago, I would have described your feelings towards me as ... I'm trying to think of a better word than loathing.

- Sometimes we pay so much attention to our enemies, we forget to watch our friends as well.

- There's nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than friends talking behind my back. It feels like ants under my skin.

- If we refused to do business with villains, we'd have almost no one to trade with. The world's running out of oil, M. The Russians aren't playing ball. The Americans and Chinese are dividing up what's left. Right or wrong doesn't come into it. We're acting out of necessity.