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Actress Mischa Barton, who is currently competing on Season 22 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," is completely out of her element on the dancing reality show. Barton hasn't had any formal training as a dancer, and her knowledge of the show before signing up has been minimal.

These could be some of the reasons why Barton has been among the bottom performers in both weeks earning just 16/30 in her first week and 15/30 in the second week. According to "Dancing with the Star" predictions on online forums, odds of Barton getting eliminated are high.

But that hasn't stopped her from having fun. Barton was photographed Sunday looking happy and radiant as she arrived for the "Dancing With the Stars" rehearsals in Hollywood, and she told TVGuide in a recent chat that she lots of fun in the studio. "We have a blast in studio. People just don't see what a great time we're having," she said.

Although her dancing partner Artem Chigvintsev can be a tough critic, Barton is open to criticism as long as it helped her improve her dancing skills. "Artem is very serious in rehearsals – with Russian being his first language, I have a hard time telling if he doesn't understand my jokes or he just doesn't think they're funny – but at first he was very careful with how he gave me criticism," Barton wrote in her blog for People.

"But once I told him I could handle a tough critique, he definitely did not hold back. I respond well to criticism, but there is a balance between criticism and support that we are still working to find."

"Dancing with the Stars" airs Mondays on ABC. The April 4 episode will feature the emotional "Most Memorable Year" theme and Barton and her partner will dance a Samba to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A."