Maddie Ziegler
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Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler may have left "Dance Moms," but the cast members still remember them. In a recently released video, Season 6 cast members Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes, Nia Frazier and Brynn Rumfallo reminisced their time spent together, fun activities during rehearsals and their love for the Ziegler sisters.

"I just want to say a big goodbye to Maddie and Mackenzie... I will see you again," Brynn said in the video.

Other members of ALDC spoke about the sisters in a similar fashion, but the most emotional goodbye was expressed by Nia Frazier, who remarked on how far they've come. The dancer, who joined Abby Lee Miller's dance company at the same time as Maddie and her younger sister, stated that they are still her best friends and that they can't be easily forgotten.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much. I mean, we started this team together since we were itty bitty babies, and we just grew up together," Nia said in the video released by Teen Vogue.

While Kendall and Kalani said they would still see the Zieglers, they pointed out they would miss dancing on the same team.

Maddie and Mackenzie announced their departure from "Dance Moms" in Season 6, after a five-year stint in the Lifetime reality show. Since their exit, the sisters started a campaign to raise funds for homeless children, and Maddie was selected as a judge on FOX's "So You Think You can Dance: The Next Generation."

The Ziegler sisters' absence from the famed dance reality show has perhaps left a big dent among the cast members. Earlier, all the cast members took part in a special reunion episode and spoke about their journey on "Dance Moms" and joked about their chances at winning dance coach Abby's attention now that the Zieglers have exited.