When talks of a mega money boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather first came up, everyone thought it was just a ploy to get media attention. But a lot has happened since then. Mayweather officially came out of retirement, McGregor got his boxing licence, and now Dana White has once again come out and said that the fight will happen soon.

One of the main reasons the fight was taking so long to materialise was because Jeff Mayweather, Floyd's uncle, and Bob Arum said that the UFC want around 80 percent of whatever McGregor makes in this fight. No one knew if that was true, but White recently cleared everything up and blasted Jeff and Arum in a recent interview for speaking with no real knowledge about the ongoing negotiation.

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"What I would like to clarify is all the bull [expletive] about the 80 [expletive] 20 split. Jeff Mayweather? Come on, Jeff. Me and Jeff go way back. Jeff, are you the spokeman now for [expletive] Team Mayweather? And Bob Arum? You piece of [expletive]. [Expletive] you, too," Fox Sports quoted White as saying.

"What do they know about this fight? You want to know what they know about this fight? Nothing. Believe me, we've had preliminary talks with Conor and I'm in a good place with Conor."

With so much money involved in what is expected to be the highest grossing boxing match in history, you can expect the McGregor and Mayweather camps to take their time in sorting out the finances of this fight. White said he sees this fight happening but added there is still a lot of negotiating on the table — including the share of the purse.

There were rumours that the fight could happen in September but nothing is set in stone as of now. Even if it takes time White said he ultimately expects a deal to be struck between McGregor and Mayweather.

"I see this fight happening. Conor is having a baby any day now. After Conor has his baby, Conor and I are going to meet in New York," White said. "We're not close [to a deal]. I see this fight happening. Conor wants it and Floyd wants it. I've said many times, Conor has done a lot. He's stepped up for the big fights for this company and for me and for Lorenzo [Fertitta], I can't deny him this fight. 

White added that the longer it takes for them to come to an agreement, the longer it would take to negotiate with the Mayweather team. 

"Listen, everything I say is going to come off bias because he's my guy but you guys judge. Is Conor McGregor not a massive star? This fight here, Floyd doesn't make this kind of money either without Conor so Conor is just as important as Floyd when it comes to this fight. Not to mention, Conor's actually stepping in and boxing him and not saying 'hey let's fight in mixed martial arts."

"Mayweather's team would have to deal with [Showtime]. I'm dealing with my side, I'll let them deal with their side. I've been talking to [Mayweather's team] for a while now."

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