Two arrested for hacking a Dalit to death

The word 'Dalit' means broken or scattered in Sanskrit and Hindi and finds its genesis in erstwhile times in the Indian caste system. India got freedom in 1947 and is the world's largest democracy but Dalits are continuously suffering brutality at the hands of the 'so called' high class Hindus even today. In a shocking incident, two persons were arrested by the Vijayapura police on charges of hacking a Dalit youth to death.

They killed him because a few days ago, he tried to consider himself equal to the 'upper' caste people by sitting along with them in a temple on the same platform.

Superintendent of Police Anupam Agrawal in a statement stated that Siddu Biradar and Santosh Hirlakund were arrested for committing caste atrocities and murdering Anil Ingalagi of Boodigal P.H. village near Sindagi. The duo had fought with the victim over the same issue a few days ago.

On Thursday, the victim was attacked by the two while he was having tea at an eat-out. He was attacked with knives and the fracas led to his death. Deceased's father told the police that the accused were angry as Anil had shared the same platform as them at a temple.

On the other hand, Siddu's parents told the police that Anil was involved in a long-standing dispute with their son as Anil was Siddu's employee in the local gambling den. Police stated that this angle too is being investigated.

A report into the incident has been submitted to Deputy Commissioner P. Sunil Kumar.

Protests were held outside the Sindagi police station by Dalit organizations with the victim's body on Thursday. According to reports, the district social welfare officer Mahesh Potdar has announced that the victim's family would be compensated immediately.

A sum of ₹4.12 lakh will be paid to Anil's family and it should be noted that this is half the amount that is to be paid to the family of a victim of caste atrocity.