Dakota Johnson
Actress Dakota Johnson poses as she arrives to attend 'Fifty Shades Freed - 50 Nuances Plus Claires' Premiere at Salle Pleyel in Paris on February 6, 2018.PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson shared her phone number on stage at the Global Citizen Festival in New York on Saturday. The actress is surely going to be flooded with voicemails. And the reason she did this was to encourage women to call her up and share their sexual assault stories so that her team could compile all the stories and make them heard.

"I want to help you—women and girls around the world—tell your story. This is my phone number. I want you to call me and tell me your story in a voicemail. Or I want you to send me a message at dakota.johnson@globalcitizen.org and tell me what you've gone through as a woman or girl in the world that's been suffering," Johnson said.

The Need for Speed actress continued, "If we don't speak the same language, that's ok. We have a team for that. We'll translate it. And if you're going to threaten to hurt me, we have a team for that too." The number is 212-653-8806. She said her team will "compile these stories and get them heard so I can amplify your voice. Together, we can achieve a world where she is equal."

The prerecorded message says, "This is Dakota Johnson please leave a voicemail after the tone and I will record and share your story so we can live in a world where she is equal. Thank you."

The Global Citizen Festival has primarily been concentrating on sexual assault and how to cope with the trauma. American singer Janelle Monáe, one of the musicians who performed at the concert said, "This past week was a brutal, brutal week for a lot of us women. It was an especially hard week for survivors of sexual violence."

Other performers were Shawn Mendes, Janet Jackson, and Cardi B.