Come September and you will see a brand new face on "The Daily Show". After months of speculations and reports, Jon Stewart signed off as the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" on Thursday night. And it is confirmed that his replacement, South African comedian Trevor Noah, will take over 28 September onwards and host the show till he retires.

Stewart took over as the host from Craig Kilborn in 1999 and gave the show a fresh perspective, making it critically-acclaimed and culturally-relevant in his 16-year stint.

Many fans of "The Daily Show" feel it is the end of an era.

Well, there is no doubt a lot will change on "The Daily Show" with the South African comedian taking over another comedian from a different generation. He may add his flavour - some may like it and some may just lash it.

Here is what we think might change on "The Daily Show" With Trevor Noah as the host.

There Might Be a New Segment

If Trevor Noah has to establish his identity as the new host of "The Daily Show", then he will have to splash it with his style. Every show has a unique segment that pretty much puts the spotlight on the host. So, there is a possibility that Noah may bring in a new segment that may help him stand out from Jon Stewart.

The Show's Opening Might Be Different

If it's a new host, then the show must get a new opening/ introduction, isn't it? We think the showrunners may do away with the old logo and theme song. Noah may actually plan a whole new introduction for himself and the show. Well, the look of the show has to boast that the audience will now be watching "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah".

Show Might Get Newer Audience

Noah and Stewart come from two different generations. While Stewart had an audience that was serious in its outlook, with a marked preference for serious views as an alternative to news, Noah is much younger and has the capability to draw the attention of a younger audience. So, you never know Trevor Noah's target audience maybe entirely different from Jon Stewart's.

The Interview Format May Change

How we all loved the way Jon Stewart interviewed celebrities and politicians. Now, many of Jon's fans are suspecting Noah's capabilities to pull this off as brilliantly as his predecessor. Well, there is a possibility that Noah may change the interview format to make it more subtle and light-hearted. He may invite new guests (not just celebrities) and make it more hilarious.