The lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri area of Uttar Pradesh last week over rumours that he was in possession of beef has instilled fear among the minority community to an extent that a few are ready to embrace Hinduism for the sake of safety of their families.

One Muslim pradhan in a village near Bishara pleads for the safety of his family while expressing his willingness to convert to Hinduism. "I'll become a Hindu tomorrow. I will accept Ghar Wapsi. But please don't hurt my wife and children. Whatever it is these people want, I am ready to surrender," he said, Catch News reported.

With the situation reportedly worsening in Dadri following the killing of Mohammed Akhlaq by a mob, the Muslims in the villages in and around Dadri fear the possibility of 2013 Muzaffarnagar-like riots.

The Hindu outfits that have sprouted over the last few months have made their agenda clear – ban on cow slaughter and spreading awareness about "excesses" that the Muslims are committing. One such outfit is being run by BJP MLA from Sardhana – Sangeet Som, who was accused of sparking off the Muzaffarnagar riots in 2013.

The Muslims of these villages want nothing but peace and their safety. "My family has been attacked. My son, daughter and several other members of my family have been attacked. Now cows and buffaloes seem to be vanishing all the time. I don't want things to worsen," the pradhan of Jarcha village, Ehsan Ilahi said.

Dadri lynching

A mob of youths had on 28 September dragged Akhlaq from his house and beaten him to death, while injured his son after rumours were rife that his family had sacrificed a calf at their home and consumed its meat.

The lynching over "beef eating" triggered violence in Dadri village, attracting criticism from social activists and opposition parties even as the BJP parliamentarian Mahesh Sharma called Aklakq's killing an "accident".

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced an ex-gratia Rs 20 lakh and assured justice to the family.

"Though we cannot bring back what has been snatched from the family, I assured them that in this hour of grief and even in future, the government will stand by their side," IANS quoted Yadav as saying on Sunday.