Hair style
Vacuum cleaner magic.YouTube/ Screenshot

Is tying your daughter's hair a time-consuming job? Are you fed up of doing it every day? Here is a simple trick from a father who proved that tying a daughter's hair is not that difficult as it looks like.

A YouTube user named Rene Ortner has posted a video in which he is seen using a vacuum cleaner to style his daughter's hair and has proved the multi purpose of a vacuum cleaner.

Watch the video below to see the vacuum cleaner magic.

The 18 second clip was uploaded to the popular video sharing website on 16 July and has gone viral since then. It has been viewed more than 5,35,000 times, at the time of writing this report.

"With a vacuum cleaner in just a few seconds the hair of my daughter bound," Ortner wrote in the video description.

In the video, the Australian dad is firstly seen attaching a tie around the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner and is then seen putting his daughter's blonde hair into its tube. Within seconds, the tresses of the girl are converted into a perfect ponytail. The video ends with Ortner's laugh seeing his daughter's reaction.

However, there were similar vacuum cleaner magic videos that were uploaded before to which some viewers had commented that they wished their fathers too had thought of this technique.

Here are some of the positive comments by the viewers:

"lol the child's facial expression after is priceless! Naaaw"

"I can't stop laughing. So cute!"

"Lol now that's something new."