Emiliano Sala
Emiliano Sala

Emiliano Sala, the Cardiff City star, who is missing after his flight from the French city of Nantes to Cardiff lost all contacts and the radar missed it off the English Channel island Guernsey late on Monday, January 21.

Now, an Argentine newspaper Ole has released what they claim to be audio WhatsApp messages sent by Sala. These messages reveal that the Cardiff striker was immensely concerned with the plane conditions.

"Hello, little brothers, how are you crazy people? Brother, I'm really tired, I was here in Nantes doing things, things, things, things and things, and it never stops, it never stops, it never stops," Sala reportedly said in a first recording.

'Plane that looks like it's about to fall apart'

"I'm here on a plane that looks like it's about to fall apart, and I'm going to Cardiff, crazy, tomorrow we already start, and in the afternoon we start training, boys, in my new team."

A later message, reportedly sent by Sala again, says: "How are you guys, all good? If you do not have any more news from in an hour-and-a-half, I don't know if they need to send someone to find me... I am getting scared!"

His last social media post was with his Nante teammates with the caption: "The last goodbye".

Cardiff City had signed up Sala over the weekend for a record $27 million and the player took this trip soon after, when his plane lost all contact.

Guernsey police have already confirmed that they are making all attempts to locate the plane and have identified a targeted area that "has the highest likelihood of finding anything" has been identified.

They tweeted: "We have resumed searching. Two planes are taking off and will search a targeted area we believe has the highest likelihood of finding anything, based on review of the tides and weather since it went missing.

"Coastal areas around Alderney and off-lying rocks and islands will also be searched from the air. Updates will be provided once information is available."