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Director Prabhu Deva's Hindi movie Dabangg 3 starring Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Sudeep, is set to hit the screens on December 20. But, many have taken to Twitter prior to the release itself, and are spreading negative reviews about the film.

Dabangg 3, which is an action comedy film, is the third in Salman's famed Dabangg series. Besides playing the lead role, Salman Khan has written the story and screenplay in collaboration with Aloke Upadhyaya and Prabhu Deva for the movie. The said movie is produced by Salman Khan Films and Arbaaz Khan Productions.

The Dabangg 3 premiere 

In India, Dabangg 3 will have its first screening at PVR in Mumbai at 8.00 pm today (19th Dec) and celebs, media et al will get a chance to watch the film during this screening. Its first international premiere show is said to have been already held in Dubai at 10.00 am (IST – 11.30 am). Film critic KRK aka Kamaal R Khan, who claims to have watched it in Dubai, is not impressed with it and has negative views about it.

KRK is at it again

In a series of tweets, KRK aka Kamaal R Khan wrote, "One hour film has gone and I really can't understand what the hell is going on in this film #Dabangg3! It's a torture. It's interval and love story of #Salmankhan and #SaieeManjrekar is finished because Villain has killed her. #Chulbul is still unemployed young 25 years old boy. Really? Are you serious Salman Saheb! Ye Kaya Mazaak Hai Yaar? Film #Dabangg3 is superb and brilliant like crap and Wahiyat #marjaavaan! 30% film is in slow motion, So bhai's rickshaw Wala fans will have chance to shout and clap in the single screen theatre like mad people. It could have been blockbuster if released in 90s. 2 words #AaaThoo!"

Salman Khan fans upset

But even before the first International premiere of Dabangg 3, some people shared reviews of the movie. According to them, Dabangg 3 is not up to the mark of the two previous ones. A few even called it the worst film and gave as low as 1.5 stars (on what basis?). Salman Khan fans are upset with these negative reviews and they blamed fans of several stars including Akshay Kumar, who is set to release Good Newzz next week.

Do not believe the pre-release reviews.s

Light Yagami @Light_Yagamind

One word Review: EXCELLENT #Dabangg3: ½ (3.5/5) #Dabangg3Review The dialogues & comedies were little off compared to previous Dabanng movies Kicha sudeep was terrific Salman's performance & Chulbul's Flashback portion is superb Storywise, "Best of Dabangg series

Alankar singh @alankar6427

#Dabangg3 is a biggest chutiyapa of our times koi story hi nhii hai unnecessary song beech -beech mey ghuser diye hai #Baalisingh is looking like a tb patient......itna patla koi villain hota hai kya officially #salmankhan career is over now Rating: 1 out of 5 its over

Amol Khiladi @Khiladi_desi

#Dabangg3 : WORST #Dabangg3 is the most infuriatingly bad Salman Khan movie in a long-long time. Its ability to put you to SLEEP & give you a HEADACHE at the same time is a rare one 1.5/5 #Dabangg3Review #DabanggReviews

Neelam @_kneelam

Done watching 10 mins of #Dabangg3 feel like leaving the theater... What crap Please watch #Mardaani2 and not this movie please #Dabangg3Review