In the latest episode of "Da Vinci's Demons", titled "Modus Operandi", it seems while investigating a murder Leonardo finds about the whereabouts of the Labyrinth.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Leonardo accidentally comes across a clue that might lead him to the core of the extremist secret society named the Labyrinth.

The synopsis mentions that as Clarice tortures the captured Labyrinth members, a sharp noise from the adjacent room distracts her. While checking for its origin, she finds a person there whom she knows, though his identity is not revealed to the viewers.

Elsewhere, in order to get funds for building war machines, Leonardo decides to help Pope Sixtus. However, Zoroaster is not pleased with his decision and tells Leonardo he won't be working for him anymore.

Sixtus agrees to fund Leonardo's project on the condition that he assist Riario in investigating the murder of a prominent cardinal that occurred recently.

Afterwards, Zoroaster finds Lucrezia smoking opium in an opium den. As Sixtus prepares to take a bath, he discovers Clarice's crucified body, to his horror.

Leonardo is summoned to investigate Clarice's body. In his probe, he finds some hints that she is a member of Labyrinth. When Riaro realises that Leonardo knows the truth, he kidnaps him under the order of Labyrinth's head (addressed as "The Architect" by its members) and delivers him to Carlo.

Carlo takes Leonardo to a hideout where he tortures him till Leonardo starts to lose consciousness and begins hallucinating.

In the previous episode titled "Abbadon," Leonardo, Piero, Lorenzo, Zoroaster, and several other Italian survivors took shelter in a church. Leonardo encountered a vision of Al-Rahim, who confessed that he supplied the Turks with Leonardo's war machine designs. Leonardo and the rest of his party escaped the church after Piero allowed himself to be captured to buy them time.