In the latest episode of "Da Vinci's Demons" titled "Modus Operandi," it seems Clarice will be killed by an unknown murderer and Da Vinci will discover her crucified body.

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According to the synopsis of the episodes, Clarice torments the imprisoned soldiers of the Labyrinth. Suddenly, she hears a noise and finds that her subordinate has been murdered.

Afterwards, she encounters a stranger who seems very familiar to her but she doesn't know for sure.

Elsewhere, Da Vinci decides to support Pope Sixtus so he can gain funds for building an arsenal of war machines to be used against the Turks. However, Zoroaster is not very happy about it.

Though Sixtus agrees to fund Da Vinci, he put a condition that Da Vinci has to assist Riario in solving the recent murder of a prominent cardinal. While investigating, Zoroaster encounters Lucrezia who was smoking opium in an opium den.

As Sixtus takes a bath, he discovers Clarice's crucified body. Panicked, he calls Da Vinci who dissects the corpse to find evidence that may lead him to her hideout. Just when he is about to leave the premises, Riario, under orders from the head of the Labyrinth (The Architect), knocks him unconscious and delivers him to Carlos.

As Carlos tortures Da Vinci, he hallucinates about his troubled past.

In the previous episode titled "Abbadon," Da Vinci, along with Piero and other survivors took shelter in a church where Da Vinci encountered Al-Rahim's vision. The vision told him that he supplied the Turks with the same war machines that Da Vinci had designed. Before Da Vinci could have said anything, they were forced to escape from the church after Piero was captured.

Elsewhere, Vanessa tried desperately to convince the members of Florence's republic. However, her plans were shattered when Clarice returned and set out on a hunt for Carlo de Medici.

So far, the show is pacing with keeping the interest intact. How Da Vinci will escape from Carlos' capture will be find only in the next episode.