It has only been four days since the premiere episode of "Da Vinci's Demons" Season 3 titled "Semper Infidelis" aired and it seems all the 10 episodes of Season 3 have been leaked online prior to airing of Episode 2 titled "Abbadon" by an unknown hacker.

Geeksnack has reported that somebody managed to get hold of the entire "Da Vinci's Demons" Season 3 and has leaked it online.

The series, written by David S. Goyer, foretells the story of the Florentine artist Leonardo Da Vinci who lived in the Renaissance era. It revolves around the life of 25-year-old Da Vinci (Tom Riley) whose creativity is earning him immense popularity.

To find more answers regarding the "Book of Leafs," he works for the Florentine Medici family to find the answers to the mysterious facts mentioned in the book.

Though the series is a fictional account of Da Vinci's life, the presentation has been so real-like and intriguing that the show has received numerous accolades both from the critics and fans.

Hence, the leak has undoubtedly put the show in danger given that the viewers are willing to take the risk and download the torrent files of the episodes illegally.

However, on the other side, it has been a bad news for the fans of the show who are against piracy as there will be a lot of spoilers for next few days regarding the episodes of the show.

Unless all the leaked files are taken down the internet, which is highly unlikely as the files are distributed randomly on numerous websites, there are significant possibilities of spoilers surfacing all over the internet.

In any case, the leak shouldn't be assumed as an opportunity as even if someone decides to download the torrent file, chances are, the person will land behind the bars soon.

Earlier, Reddit had also mentioned that the first six episodes of Season 3 were leaked online before Geeksnack confirmed it.