Gautam Kumawat
Gautam Kumawat

23 year old Gautam Kumawat has quite a story. Internet and technology doesn't care for age and this youngster having penchant for breaking security, started working very early in his life, at a tender age of 12. And by 16, he already helping rajasthan police in solving complex cyber crime cases to fight against cyber criminals.

self-trained hacker, Gautam Kumawat doesn't fit the conventional description of a sleuth. An ethical hacker, as Kumawat likes to call him-self, is a person who hacks into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than with malicious or criminal intent. my interest in hacking aroused when someone hacked my facebook account. at that time I started learning about hacking for taking revenge (There should be no doubt that success is the best revenge ), But soon Hacking and Investigation became fascinating game to me,"says Kumawat.

He shares I worked in a cyber café to surf internet as I was not having that much pocket money to get broadband and after some time I found a way to access the internet for free by hacking into airtel & reliance service providers. So I used to wakeup early 4am everysingle day not to study but to use internet as I was getting better bandwidth in morning.

With every system I was able to hack, it felt like doing exercise in gym to strength my problem solving muscles. It's hard for people to understand, but a lot of people hack out of curiosity. In my case, it was all driven by my passion to learn how these systems worked, and a pep of adventure.

Once in the state of helping his friend, he hacked the police website and this incident brought his knowledge to police officers. He then cracked a case for police related to girl who runs away from home. gradually the police and other law enforcement started to contact me for suggestions in solving cases of cyber crimes. He also given training to New York City Police Department and Interpol.

By his venture HackingFlix, Gautam Kumawat teaching ethical hacking, digital forensic, darknet and other various courses, large number of students across the world are getting benefited by his experience through online training sessions and courses. This year he co-founded a company named Impact Millions Online.

My dad always wanted to see me as Indian Air force or Army officer but I didn't want to be so. and now he is proud of me that I am serving country by helping defence and other law enforcement agencies in domain of cyber crime investigation and training, He says.

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