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If you were unable to find any worthy iPhone 6 deal during the Black Friday sale, here's your chance to save $100. T-Mobile has a Cyber Monday deal on select iPhone models where it is offering a free memory upgrade for those opting for the entry-level model. This means buyers of 16GB iPhone 6 smartphone will automatically be upgraded to the 64GB version without paying anything extra. The same goes for the iPhone 5S 32GB and the iPhone 5C 8GB models.

T-Mobile is breaking the price wall between the 16GB and 64GB models so customers can take advantage of the extra space on the device for more photos and videos.

According to T-Mobile, the offer is valid for a limited period while supplies last or till 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday.

Customers opting for the previous-gen iPhone will get a similar memory upgrade offer. T-Mobile will give a 64GB iPhone 5S to customers at the price of a 32GB model and a 32GB iPhone 5C for the price of an 8GB model.

Below is the table to show the offer price till midnight on Cyber Monday. The prices are for the unlocked versions of iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

T-Mobile Offer 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
iPhone 6 - $650 - $650
iPhone 5S - - $600 $600
iPhone 5C $$450 - $450 -

If customers wish to avail T-Mobile's equipment installment plan, iPhone 6 can be bought for zero down and $27 for 24 months. For the iPhone 5S, customers must pay $24 per month for 24 months and $18 per month for the same tenure to get the iPhone 5C.