Yahoo Games, the online game platform that had been active with its Flash games since its launch in 1998, has been shuttered as of May 13. Yahoo announced the decision on March 13 as part of its product decision to refocus on select areas.

Yahoo Games popularised free-to-play online games and was built on the acquisition of the ClassicGames online game portal in 1997. at its peak, it had a dedicated Yahoo Games Studio, too.

However, over the years, the service has not been able to match expectations, was branded a "legacy product" and Yahoo had laid out plans to shutter it completely.

The service will stop accepting all in-game purchases from May 14. Players who have bought items need to contact game publishers on how to transfer them, with Yahoo asking publishers to have a transition plan for players before it was shuttered, Engadget reported.

Yahoo had also announced that it would be discontinuing Yahoo Livetext, Yahoo Regional Media Properties (like Yahoo Astrology and Yahoo Maktoob) and Yahoo BOSS.