4MinuteWikimedia Commons/Yerboln

So far, Cube Entertainment has confirmed that 4Minute star HyunA has renewed her contract, but the rest of members, Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon and Sohyun, are yet to decide on their future in the media label. This is partly due to each members' different ideas of their careers.

"The course that each member is thinking of for their singing and acting careers are different and so after many months of debate, they decided it was hard to keep the group going as it is," Soompi quoted a source as saying.

Although the source confirmed that some members of 4Minute will leave the company, the outlet also pointed out that Cube Entertainment is still in talks and that rumours of the band disbanding haven't been confirmed yet.

However, it is not yet known what role HyunA will have in Cube Entertainment if 4Minute does disband.

The all-girl group was founded in 2009 and it released its first Japanese album titled "Diamond" in December 2010. A year later, the band produced its full length album, "4MinutesLeft" in Korean.

Ever since rumours of 4Minute's disbandment surfaced, fans have taken to Twitter to express their grief. Jindra San Diego, a Twitter user, wrote, "I believe in you guys. You're the main reason why I don't leave kpop yet. Please don't let me do it. #4minute."