The upcoming episode of "CSI: Cyber" is titled "Heart Me", and it will see Raven's friend Tracy being framed for the murder of a person she met through a dating app.

Tracy was hoping to find love when she signed up for meeting an eligible bachelor through the dating app. But things don't go exactly as planned. The man hacks into her accounts, steals her money and then causes a lot of trouble for her that results in Tracy getting fired and evicted.

To make matters worse, the hacker is found dead, and Tracy wakes up in a hotel room with the murder weapon. Unfortunately, she has no memory of what happened.

The official synopsis of Sunday's episode reads:

Raven's friend Tracy is hacked by a man she met on a dating app; things get even more complicated when the hacker is found dead and Tracy wakes up with the murder weapon and no memory of what happened.

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The season 2 premiere of "CSI:Cyber" saw D.B. Russell and gang investigating a burglary/homicide committed by someone who remotely hacked the victim's home security system. It was later revealed that the hacker sought the help of a child by manipulating her doll.

The doll was created in such a way that it acted as a messenger between the child and the hacker, and he controlled the child through the doll, making it easier for him to rob the house.