"CSI:Cyber" is all set to welcome "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" character D.B. Russell in the season 2 premiere of the series on Sunday.

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Ted Danson's character will join the mix of crime scene experts that include Special Agent Avery Ryan, FBI Agent Elijah Mundo, Brody Nelson, a hacker, Raven Ramierz, a rookie tech and Daniel Krumitz, an introverted tech genius.

According to showrunner Pam Veasey, viewers will see a lot of subtle changes in the upcoming season, and one of it has to do with Russell's love life. Reportedly, Avery won't be the only woman in Russell's life.

"Nelson decides he's going to help D.B. date in Washington," Veasey told TVLine. "He introduces D.B., the old-fashioned guy who still walks up to people and says 'Hello,' to the world of dating apps."

As for Avery, she's still the head of the department, and the duo still has the "same wonderful dynamic we first saw in the backdoor pilot on CSI," the showrunner said. However, the premiere episode might see Avery, the character essayed by Patricia Arquette, contemplating a career move. Viewers will also get to know more about Avery's daughter's death, and the series will check up on how her ex-husband is doing.

Elaborating on Russell's role in "CSI: Cyber", Veasey told CBS News that as director of Next Generation Forensics, the investigator will combine "fingerprints and DNA with the technology of next generation products. He's the one always bringing in the newest thing, like a baby pacifier, that is Bluetooth ... He then gives it to our team of hackers, our young people, and says, 'Hack this so we're one step ahead of the bad guy.'"

The premiere episode is entitled "Why-Fi" and the official synopsis of the episode reads:

D.B. Russell transfers from Las Vegas to become the director of the new division; Avery considers a career move; Krumitz is a witness in his sister's trial; Elijah deals with a domestic situation.