Crocodiles (Representational Image)
Crocodiles (Representational Image)wiki commons

Not long after a white tiger killed a youth inside the Delhi Zoo, in yet another human encounter with a wild animal, a young woman was killed by a crocodile near a river in Bihar's Bagha district on Friday.

Eighteen-year-old Reena Kumar was reportedly cutting grass along the Gandak river accompanied by her siblings when a crocodile attacked and mauled her to death and then disappeared with the body, reported IANS

Her body is yet to be recovered.

"It has created panic among the villagers," a police official said.

Encounters with the dangerous reptile is not uncommon in the region, which houses the Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

Last month, a crocodile had reportedly been killed by villagers in Madhepura district.

This incident comes not long after a freak incident wherein a white tiger mauled a youth to death in the Delhi Zoo on 23 September after the latter fell into the animal's enclosure.