Ever since Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez's pregnancy official in July, his fans are keeping a close tab on the situation. Ronaldo will soon become a proud dad. 

Rodriguez was recently spotted talking to someone over the phone in a balcony, but what grabbed everyone's attention was a baby bulge. Gently playing her hair, she seemed to look comfortable in a white tee and a black skirt. She is reportedly enjoying her holiday break.

cristiano ronaldo, georgina rodriguez

The model is said to be seven months pregnant and could deliver their first baby as a couple in October. One has to remember that this will not be Cristiano's first, but his fourth child.

He has three kids, two of which are twins, Eva and Mateo. They were born via a surrogate mother in June. Ever since the twins have graced his family, the Real Madrid star does not shy away from posting pictures of them on the social networking sites like Instagram.

It was only recently that Cristiano and Rodriguez posed for an adorable photo, where they were seated on a sofa with twins in their hands and Cristiano Jr in the background.

Family mood ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Cristiano Jr is Ronaldo's seven-year-old son from his previous relationship.

Rodriguez and Cristiano Jr have been spotted a number of times when Real Madrid play in the La Liga or even the Champions League. They were there when Real Madrid last won the Champions League at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

With the fourth member of the family expected around October, it remains to be seen if this will be their only child. But, Cristiano Jr has made it clear to his dad that he wants six siblings, which means three more could come in the future as well.

Well, we will have to wait about that.