Have you ever wondered what ace players like Cristiano Ronaldo do in their free time, when they are not involved with football? Well, the last time we checked, he was hijacking a Lambo and spray painting it with Real Madrid colours and cruising through the streets of Los Santos – as himself.

If GTA 5 is known for anything else, apart from all the mindless mayhem and destruction, it surely has to be the different kinds of mods that fans have introduced, bringing a host of features that are usually not there in the game. Now, there's a new mod that introduces CR7 into the chaotic world of Los Santos. Top banter, boys!

Recently, one gamer/YouTuber introduced Real Madrid's main man into GTA 5, the video of which he later posted on the popular video streaming site (see below). From the looks, the CR7-based GTA 5 could actually turn into a game of its own and quite a hilarious one too.

Not only does Ronnie successfully manage a few keepy uppies on the treacherous streets of Los Santos, he is also game for the usual GTA misadventures that we all enjoy. He juggles a football with one foot while standing at the precipice of a cliff. He also manages to rob random dudes on the street, before hijacking their Lambos and hitting the strip club.

Now we know why Irina Shayk left. Shame on you, Ronnie!

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Mirror]