Thomas Gibson as Hotch
Thomas Gibson as HotchCBS / Criminal Minds

It seems that Thomas Gibson won't be leaving CBS' long-running crime-drama series "Criminal Minds" as the actor has been confirmed by the network to reprise his role of Aaron Hotchner in the upcoming season of the series.

Much to the shock of the fans, the 54-year-old star was recently fired from the show after he was involved in a brawl with one of the producers while filming on the set of the upcoming episodes.

However, it seems that Gibson will appear as Hotch in a couple of episodes of the upcoming season, as reported by Game n Guide. However, it is not yet clear how long his character will appear on-screen in the episodes.

Fans have been speculating how Hotch will be written off the show. It seems that either he will be transferred to some distant post or will exit the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU).

Several rumours also state that the character will be replaced by some other actor. However, fans have protested against it, saying that no one could ever replace Gibson as Hotch.

Talking about the controversy, Gibson tweeted about it on his Twitter handle that reads: "I wish I could thank each of you for your friendship & support. I love 'Criminal Minds,' & I'm disappointed by what's happened #ThomasGibson."

The tweet further read: "The support you show means the world to me and my family. This is not an ending, but a beginning as well. Thank you all."

Afterwards, Gibson admitted that he created a Twitter account only to express his feelings on the incident and express his gratitude to the fans who had always been with him for all those years.

As reported by Mirror UK, CBS is yet to disclose the details of how Gibson's character of Hotch will exit "Criminal Minds" Season 12. Fans will get to see what exactly happens once Season 12 airs on Sept. 28 on CBS.