"Criminal Minds" is all set to premiere in September end. The cast members have already started filming for the show. But, rumour has it that another cast member will leave the show. Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr Reid, had revealed earlier that another BAU member will be exiting the show in the upcoming season.

Gubler's latest interview with zap2it has thrown "Criminal Minds" fans into a tizzy as the actor hinted that one more crucial member from BAU will leave the show and he will be directing that episode. "I am [directing]. There's a special episode. I almost don't want to give it away, but I might as well. It's the departure of one of the regular team members," he said.

We are guessing, Gubler's Dr Reid can be ruled out of the exit list as the actor has already shared that he will be directing the episode in which that integral character will leave and secondly, he mentioned that the focus will be on Dr Reid's personal life in Season 11.

"That's the great thing about playing a character for so long is that there's always new territory. Trying to take him a little bit more — I've always wanted him to show growth. I want to see him slowly become less socially awkward and more confident," he added.

Well, this might happen because even showrunner Erica Messer had said that the creators are planning on giving Reid a girlfriend. His girlfriend Maeve was killed in Season 8 and now there are speculations that Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) might play his new love interest.

We already know that Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has resigned from BAU during the Season 10 finale and Jennifer Jareau 'JJ' (AJ Cook) also went on maternity leave. But, Cook is expected to join back after a first few episodes of Season 11.

Having said that now, there's a huge possibility that JJ (AJ Cook) could be the one bidding farewell. According to enstarz, the actress will be brought back in the next season only to give her character a clean exit after a few episodes.

The website also suspects that David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) could be next one out as he is the only member close to retirement and his exit can apparently be planned and executed more easily.

Meanwhile, Joe Mantenga in an interview with AMA Reddit had said that producers might call back Paget Brewster, who plays Detective Emily Prentiss in "Criminal Minds" Season 11. But now, it looks like even that's not happening.

In the recent summer press tour organised by the Television Critics Association, Brewster said that she was very keen on returning to "Criminal Minds", but it might not happen because of her busy schedule. She said that she is in touch with the cast members and the producer, but is very sad that the plan to make a comeback didn't work out.

Here's the official premiere synopsis for "Criminal Minds" Season 11 (via TVline):

The 11th season begins with the BAU interviewing different candidates to join their ranks in the wake of Kate's departure, including forensic psychologist Dr. Tara Lewis -- who is eager to assist their efforts. Also, BAU hunts for a serial killer who leaves behind distinctive evidence that points to someone intent on revenge. Aisha Tyler joins the cast in a recurring role as Dr Tara Lewis.

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 premieres on CBS on 30 September, 2015.