"Criminal Minds" season 11 is set to premiere in less than a month, but fans have been receiving a good build-up on the upcoming season through a series of spoilers and trailers. Even the showrunners have been dropping major clues about what the season holds for the BAU team and what fans can expect.

We have reported earlier that the recently-released trailer reveals that there's a mole in BAU, but it doesn't give out anything about who that person could be. The trailer also highlights how the team will be challenged by new villains and enemies with special skills and expertise.

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The show will start introducing these new villainous characters one after the other, episode by episode, starting from the pilot episode. The trailer gives a glimpse of this new criminal mind that the team will be chasing in the premiere. But the only information shared is that this UnSub overwhelms his victims silently and then injects them. He does some weird stuff to his victims, which includes painting their faces.

According to TV Line, showrunner Erica Messer has shared that "Criminal Minds" season 11 will witness a more serialised, episode by episode approach that will add more excitement and suspense. "So this season kicks off with an investigation into "The Dirty Dozen," a network of hit men that will be a heavy thing for Hotch et al to investigate, and a story that really won't culminate until the end of the season. This in addition to the "mole" plot will keep Hotch and team on the edge until the last episode of season 11," she said.

Find out all about the mole in the BAU team and the new villains in the premiere of "Criminal Minds" Season 11 on CBS at 9 pm on 30 September.