"Criminal Minds" season 11 is just a month away from its premiere and fans already can see an intense procedural drama coming their way. While the team is being very careful about not giving out too much information about the upcoming season, there is a series of interviews and photos that hint what's in store from the BAU team.

The latest spoiler is hidden in the synopsis of the premiere episode in which the team is expected to be hunting for a serial killer, who has left behind evidence that shows someone is out for revenge.

We already have reports that have suggested that season 11 will start off with Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), interviewing different candidates to replace Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt). The latest buzz is that the BAU team will also be dealing with Silk Road, the darknet black market.

"It's about a sort of Silk Road/hitman-for-hire storyline. We're picking up those pieces of what happens when you kill the head of a monster? Another one grows," showrunner, Erica Messer said in her recent interview.

Messer has already confirmed that the upcoming season will delve deep into each character's personal life, especially Dr Reid and his love life. And now, she has confirmed that Dr Spencer Reid will have a very dramatic and disturbing start in the premiere of season 11.

So, Reid will apparently responsible for a crucial takedown in the episode and it is speculated to be a disturbing scene. "He gets to do a takedown Reid style, which is just using his brain with a physical thing that's really disturbing — you have to turn away. It's not a standoff with a gun, it's a Reid version of a takedown," Erica said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

That the show will open with a big moment for Dr Reid doesn't come as a surprise because it has been confirmed that he will be the character in the spotlight throughout the season. The buzz is already doing the rounds that his new forensic team partner Dr Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) will play his love interest in "Criminal Minds" season 11.

"Criminal Minds" season 11 returns on CBS on 30 September, 2015.