"Criminal Minds" season 11 is getting closer to its premiere date. And as days go by, we ar getting to know more about the plot of the upcoming season. Show producer Erica Messer throws light on what season 11 will focus on, including Dr Reid's love life.

It has been widely reported that season 11 will explore deep into the characters' personal lives, especially Dr Reid. And it is believed that creators will give him a new love interest. With Dr Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) joining BAU, fans have been speculating that she could be the one.

Well, this could be possible as show producer Erica Messer has confirmed that Dorian Loker (Emily Churchill), whom Reid had asked out for a coffee, is not the one for him. In the previous season, when Reid asked Loker out, many fans were hoping for a new love angle to develop. But it's confirmed that Loker is not the one now.

Erica also spoke about the plotline of "Criminal Minds" season 11. She said the season will focus on Silk Road, an organisation which was removed by the FBI BAU. Though the organisation was wiped out, the bad guys still exist.

"Criminal Minds" in the upcoming season shows how the BAU hunts these bad guys down and fights them. Erica Messer has hinted that the plot will revolve around the idea as to how an organisation being wiped out makes way for a new one to crop up. She also said that the entire idea wasn't clear yet, but the pieces are ready.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has revealed the exclusive first look of Aisha Tyler, who joins BAU as Dr Tara Lewis. "I have a new look on the show because I wanted to look really different from how I looked on 'The Talk'. It's great because I get to do field work, I get to run around, wear a vest, wear a gun. She's someone who has gathered a lot of evidence about the psychological makeup of the sociopath and she's now bringing that knowledge into the field to help catch bad guys," Tyler said.

"Criminal Minds" season 11 returns on CBS on 30 September.