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Season 11 of CBS' "Criminal Minds" is coming to an end on Wednesday with the episode "The Storm" and it will see the return of one of the creepiest criminals on the show's history – Mr. Scratch – and somehow he will be involved in the events that conclude with Hotch being arrested for conspiracy. The Behavioral Analysis Unit will believe in the innocence of their captain and they will race against time to prove that Hotch isn't involved in any criminal activity.

Talking about the season finale, showrunner Errica Messer told TVGuide that the final episode is a big team episode. "I don't want to say Hotch is the center of [the finale], but it has a lot to do with Hotch," Messer said. "It's not as visual as the first [Mr. Scratch] episode, but it's a big team episode."

The showrunner also teased that Season 11 will end on a cliffhanger and the BAU might not be on the winning side. "It's not a 'bomb goes off/who survives?' cliffhanger, but, 'Oh my god, we thought we won,' and then, 'Oh no, we're just getting started,'" Messer told TVLine. "It's a really fun, fresh way to launch into Season 12"

It remains to be seen if ending on a cliffhanger is a good idea, as CBS hasn't officially renewed the series for a new season. According to a Deadline report, the delay in renewing the series could be to see how spinoff "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" does before renewing either of the shows. The report also pointed out that there's a possibility of only "Criminal Minds" being renewed.

"Criminal Minds" season 11 finale episode is titled "The Storm" and it will air at 9 p.m. EDT on CBS. CLICK HERE to watch the episode live.

The official synopsis , according to, reads:

Season 11 ends with Hotch being apprehended by a SWAT team for suspicion of conspiracy. The BAU members scramble to prove his innocence and suspect a larger plot is on the horizon.