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"Criminal Minds" Season 11 is going to be back this Wednesday after a week's break. CBS' procedural drama last aired episode 19, "Tribute," March 30, and now, fans can watch episode 20, "Inner Beauty" April 13.

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In episode 19, we saw former BAU member Emily Prentiss teaming up with her colleagues to work on a case involving an international serial killer after the Interpol was convinced he was on American soil. And even as the team is coping with Morgan's departure, Prentiss extends them some moral support to get through the tough times.

Now, in episode 20, we will see the BAU hunting for an UnSub who has a weird obsession with disfiguring beautiful women's faces. The synopsis of "Inner Beauty" also suggests David Rossi will have a brief reunion with ex-wife Hayden. But this meeting will be a little awkward because Hayden was responsible for keeping their daughter Joy away from him for 30 years.

The promo of the upcoming episode shows Dr Spencer Reid narrating how the suspect has been putting his victim's faces through transformation. He tells the team these transformations give this so-called surgeon some kind of satisfaction. Reid is heard saying: "To him they are more beautiful."

At the end of the clip, the UnSub is heard telling a crying woman: "Who else is gonna love you the way I do?" 

The plot synopsis for "Inner Beauty" (via TV Guide) reads: "The BAU searches for an UnSub who is purposely disfiguring victims. Meanwhile, Rossi has an awkward reunion with his ex-wife, who kept his daughter, Joy, a secret from him for nearly 30 years."

"Criminal Minds" Season 11 episode 20, titled "Inner Beauty," will be aired April 13 on CBS at 9 p.m.