Criminal Minds season 11 has gone on a mid-season break after airing episode 10, titled "Future Perfect", on 9 December. CBS will not air any new episode of the crime-procedural drama until next year. The fans can expect to catch the next episode 11, titled "Entropy", only on 13 January, 2016.

The mid-season/winter finale ended with Aaron Hotchner telling Gracia that the team has received a major breakthrough on The Dirty Dozen and BAU is working hard on the trail. Though the concluding scene looked incomplete, it seemed like Penelope Garcia's predicament may come to an end when "Criminal Minds" season 11 returns with its mid-season premiere.

As fans may already know that Garcia was being kept in the witness protection programme (in seclusion at the FBI office in Quantico) after she received death threats from the mysterious group of men called The Dirty Dozen. But since Hotch and the team were not convinced of her safety there, they decided to pull up their socks to wipe off these mysterious men once and for all.

It has also already been reported that Dr Spencer Reid is expected to go on a date with a woman named Cat Adams (played by "Parks and Recreation" and "Grumpy Cat" star Aubrey Plaza). And, that date apparently will turn into a nightmare when the woman pulls out a gun and points at him, challenging him to "think on his feet to save himself and other guests at the restaurant".

Until last week, there was no synopsis, but now, CBS has released it. It teases that Dr Reid, who is considered to be the show's most popular and important character, will take charge and play a key role in "Criminal Minds" season 11 episode 11, titled "Entropy".

According to the synopsis, he will not only overcome the complicated/life-threatening date night, but will also come up with a "an elaborate, delicate strategy" to wipe out The Dirty Dozen once and for all.

Official synopsis of "Entropy" reads: "Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid returns to the team to play a vital role in what will be an elaborate, delicate strategy, an effort to eliminate from the world the network of hitmen who have threatened Garcia - the mysterious silk road derivative, "The Dirty Dozen" - once and for all."

"Criminal Minds" season 11 is on a mid-season break and will return with episode 11 titled "Entropy" on 13 January, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.