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Wednesday's episode of "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" is going to be a two-hour special that will see the International Response Team heading to South Africa and then Cuba to save American lives.

The first hour is titled "Iqiniso," meaning "Truth" in Zulu, and the episode will see the team investigating the disappearance of an American citizen and the death of another. The team will enlist the help of Lieutenant Ananda Doshi and Brigadier General Yazeen Zwane to solve the crime.
In the second hour, the team will travel to Cuba to investigate the killing of American citizens.

CLICK HERE to watch episodes 10 and 11 titled "Iqiniso" and "The Ballad of Nick and Kat" live online.

The official synopses for the episodes, according to TVGuide, reads:

Iqiniso: The team investigates when an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother disappears. The probe reveals a gang may be involved in both.

The Ballad of Nick and Nat: The team investigates when American victims are found in various locations throughout Cuba. The probe reveals spree killers may be targeting U.S. citizens.

While Season 11 of the original series, "Criminal Minds" ended on a cliffhanger, the spin-off will see the team heading back home to their loved ones.

"I wanted everybody to get to know this team first before we did anything like that," showrunner Erica Messer told TVGuide. The finale will also be a two-hour special, and at the end of the second hour viewers will see Jack and his wife Karen sending their daughter off to college. Fans will also get to see Simmons' girls. "It's something a lot of the characters say — 'Let's go home' at the end of the episodes — the point being that we never get to see them there," said Messer.

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" airs on Wednesdays on CBS.