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"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" has managed to get its fans hooked by bringing in not just interesting cases but also throwing light on various cultures and traditions of countries where they go to solve cases. And it's fascinating to watch how these cultures and traditions actually help or hinder the International Response Team's investigations.

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Last week, fans got to watch two special episodes of the show back-to-back. While the team went to Japan in episode 4 after three Americans were reported to have committed suicide in a span of just a few days, episode 5 took the team all the way to France.

In "Whispering Death," while investigating the reported suicide of three Americans, the team got an insight into how the Japanese view suicide. The team and the viewers were introduced to a disturbing phenomenon called hikikomori, which is actually a term used to describe people who have withdrawn from society. Similarly, in the episode the IRT found itself dealing with an UnSub who has not ventured out of his room in years.

In "The Lonely Heart," the team dealt with yet another cultural barrier while solving a case in Paris where the difference in how the media is used created problems for them.

This week, in episode 6, the IRT will be headed to Belize to search for missing honeymooners. According to the synopsis, the IRT will find itself on the islands of Belize to search for a missing couple on their honeymoon, and it appears to be a targeted abduction.

The network has not released any promo, but official photos show the IRT on the beach, trying to coordinate with the local police and talking to the witnesses.

The plot synopsis for "Love Interrupted" (via TV Guide) reads: "A couple honeymooning in Belize disappear and the International Response Team arrive on the island to search for them."

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 1 episode 6, "Love Interrupted," will be aired Wednesday, April 13, at 10 p.m. on CBS.