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Fans will get a double dose of "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" this Wednesday as CBS will air two episodes back-to-back. The International Response Team (IRT) led by Jack will be heading to Tokyo, Japan, in episode 4 and then to Paris in episode 5, to rescue American victims in these countries.

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In episode 3, we saw the IRT solve the murder of an Egyptian-American ex-serviceman. As the investigation proceeded, the team discovered that their UnSub was actually a widow of a victim of an attack, and she blamed the serviceman for her husband's death.

This Wednesday, Jack's team will head to Tokyo, in the first hour of the show, to solve a series of murders, which first looked like suicides. And then, in the second hour they will be chasing an UnSub, who is targeting American women in foreign cities.

According to the synopsis of episode 4, the team will travel to Japan to help the local authorities investigate the homicides. The promo of "Whispering Death" shows victims being violently killed. While one of them fell from a building and landed on the roof of a car, another was set on fire. Jack is shown determined to break the protocol to nab the UnSub as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Mae tries encouraging Clara to enjoy herself.

Plot synopsis for episode 4, "Whispering Death" (via TV Guide) reads: "The team travels to Japan to assist local law enforcement in investigating homicides made to look like suicides. Meanwhile, Mae encourages Clara to get out and enjoy herself."

Now, the network hasn't shared a lot of details about episode 5, but the synopsis clearly hints that IRT will respond to an SOS call in Paris, where Americans are targeted.

Plot synopsis for episode 5, "The Lonely Heart" (via TV Guide) reads: "An UnSub targets Americans who live in Paris."

Talking about the upcoming episodes, showrunner Sinise told TV Guide, "They're two very different cases with very different obstacles in the way. Every episode presents a different set of challenges for the team in dealing with different cultures. We'd be in one part of the world one week and then a totally different part the next week, and you've got different law enforcement you have to deal with."

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 1 will air episodes 4 and 5 back-to-back 9 p.m. Wednesday, April 6, on CBS.