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"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders," as you may already know, is a spin-off of "Criminal Minds" aired on CBS itself. The series follows a team of FBI agents, referred to as International Response Team (IRT), solving cases that involve American citizens on international soils. The last two episodes cases took the IRT to Thailand and Mumbai, India, too. 

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In episode 2 we saw the IRT got its act together against a huge organ selling racket in India. The "Harvested" started off showing how an American student vacationing in Mumbai woke up with both a kidney and his friend missing. When the IRT reached the country, they ended up busting a much bigger case that involved criminals doing something worse than just selling organs in the black market. 

In episode 3, Jack Garrett and his team will be off to Cairo, Egypt, to solve a case which involves an Egyptian-American former serviceman. According to the synopsis of "Denial," the serviceman gets killed in a gas attack and his friend goes missing too. 

Meanwhile, Garcia of "Criminal Minds" is also expected to make an appearance in the episode. The promo of the upcoming episode shows Garcia storming into IRU tech analyst Russell Monty Montgomery's office. The analyst actually gets accused of a frivolous theft by his "Criminal Minds" counterpart.

Plot synopsis for "Denial" (via TV Guide) reads: "The team heads to Cairo to uncover who is behind a gas attack there on an Egyptian-American and the disappearance of the victim's friend."

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 1 episode 3, "Denial" will be aired Wednesday, March 30, at 10 p.m. on CBS.