K Sudhakar at Gowshala inauguration
K Sudhakar inaugurates a Goshala in Chikkaballapura.@mla_sudhakar/Twitter

The issue of the cow slaughter ban in Karnataka has become a debate that is still ongoing. However, Karnataka's Medical Education Minister Dr K Sudhakar weighed in on the issue with his opinion on cow slaughter. 

At the inauguration of the Goshala in Chikkaballapura, a release from his office said that the minister called the killing of cows a 'crime'. This has sparked more debate on when the BJP government will issue a ban on cow slaughter.

Dr K Sudhakar on cow slaughter

The BJP in its manifesto had promised a ban on cow slaughter once they came into power. However, the ban is yet to come. Recently, animal husbandry minister Prabhu Chauhan had also hinted at a ban soon to come.

Medical education minister Dr K Sudhakar attended the inauguration of a Goshala (cow shelter) in Chikkaballapura, on Sunday in Karnataka. Sharing his views on the event he had said on Facebook, "Inaugurated the Goshaala at Chitravati in Chikkaballapura today constructed by Akhila Karnataka Vokkaligara Okkuta. It is our responsibility and duty to conserve the Gomata which feeds us. The protection of indigenous cow breeds which is our heritage must be taken up in a big way. Members of Karnataka Vokkaligara Okkuta, several local leaders were present during the function." 

K Sudhakar at Goshala inauguration

In a media release from the minister's office, the minister said at the function, "Cow is like a member of the family and it's a crime to kill cows." Dr K Sudhakar further called cow slaughter a 'sin' and called for a ban on the activity across states. He urged that awareness on the matter must also be created. 

The ban on cow slaughter has been a controversial one so far and has created a divided opinion on the matter. This holds true not only for Karnataka but India as well. When Congress was in power in Karnataka such a bill was not allowed to be passed after being termed 'unconstitutional', with a ban on cow slaughter being one of BJP's agendas, however, there may be a new reaction to this proposal.