transgender cricket

Cricket Australia (CA) on August 8 announced new guidelines to support transgender and gender diverse people competing to play top-flight and community cricket.

According to a media release by CA, it has developed an Elite Cricket Policy and Guidelines for Community Cricket for supporting the players who fall under the transgender and gender diverse category. The policy falls in line with the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Eligibility on the Basis of Gender Recognition.

According to CA Ceo Kevin Roberts, there is no reason for discriminating people based on who they are and CA ensures the inclusion of those people in cricket at every level. He mentioned that since strength, stamina and physique are important factors in top-flight cricket, there will be certain criteria which will have to be fulfilled for participation.

He further mentioned that the clubs and associations have been asked to encourage the participation of the people who are subject to any kind of harassment or discrimination due to their sexual identity.

"It doesn't make any sense that today, people are discriminated against, harassed or excluded, because of who they are. And that's not right. Today we demonstrate our commitment to include people with an affirmed gender identity in the game at every level and ensure all people in our communities experience Australian cricket's inclusive culture," Kevin Roberts was quoted as saying by IANS.

"As strength, stamina and physique are all relevant factors when competing in competitive sport, transgender and gender diverse players will be supported to participate in elite cricket, subject to certain criteria through the implementation of this policy," he added.

He further said the guidelines provide robust guidance for clubs and associations to encourage the participation of all. "It support frameworks for people who are subject to any form of harassment or discrimination on the basis of their sex or gender identity," said Roberts.

According to the policy, any player who is going to participate in the elite female cricket must establish that their concentration of testosterone in serum was less than 10 nanomoles per litre throughout the last 10 months. A referral process by an expert panel has also been set up to ensure fairness in participation. 

Australian female cricketers Alex Blackwell and Megan Schutt welcomed the decision by Cricket Australia.