Raymant Marwah

The catchy and tuneful music creation we hear in the songs that either taps our feet or pour bliss in the listeners life have a long-lasting effect on us. Have we ever wondered who is the person behind these effective music creations? Yes, there are singers, composers, and songwriters but it is the Music Producer who put tremendous efforts to create a soulful track. Music industry has grown immensely with creative artists and innovative technologies. Music producers collaborate the talent and technology with the unique skills and art to present a perfect track to cater the audience globally. One such music producer who has shown the real music power by pouring love and joy in the listeners mind and heart is – Raymant Marwah, producer of a music label, Melody House.

The owner of Melody house music label is creating buzz with his music art. The success of his recent songs like Prem Dhillon, Roka, Dreams Unfold, Pani Waangu, Viah Ch Gaah, Kareeb, Naseeba and many more enhances his mastery in his work. The songs have been hits and have crossed millions of views. Melody house has produced music art and has catered opportunities to other artists to perform their music art. It believes in bringing the world together through their music. One can connect to them on their YouTube channel.

The channel is exploring widely with subscribers and fan-following. Music is the therapy that heals the human emotion and when it comes to the label's music craft, it raises the bar with their pro performance. To survive in this music industry is not a cake walk; only the pure talent and consistent performance can establish themselves in the industry and in people's hearts. Creating magic with their music art each time and now audiences and their fans are eagerly waiting for their next songs to release which is the genuine success.