Craigslist, known worldwide for its classified advertisements that helps gazillions of patrons find that perfect job, house, stationary item, gig or service- you name it- has also developed a reputation for hosting some of the oddest and wackiest advertisements on the internet.

From the guy who has a great solution to solve his rental troubles to the Easter-enthusiast who is looking for someone to hide eggs in their apartment while they're not home, these are some of the most bizarre advertisements, requests and personals listed on the notorious site.

Who isn't troubled by the ever-rising rents in today's economy? Bet you didn't have this guy's resourcefulness though! This 30 year old healthy man, who has never been married and has no children and bonus, is also a cuddler, and is looking to marry a female of 26 to 30 years old. Why? So they can share the rent of his studio apartment in DC. He has some pre-requisites though- "You must love live music, books, crazy wild sex, good wine, and be willing to try out my (often misguided) attempts at cooking."

This 60 year old woman from East Village took property rental to a whole new level when she offered to rent out her "large" bathroom for $400. While she is more than okay with her prospective roommate –or bathroom mate- putting an air mattress in the "room", she only asks that they confine themselves to the room as she is uncomfortable with a stranger walking around in her living room. Also, she doesn't want you or your mattress in there, while she is using the bathroom.

The only request this harmless guy has, is for a woman to sit in his bathtub filled with cooked noodles in a bathing suit. He will not be home during the five whole minutes (a neighbour will be timing this from across the street) that you are required to sit and he is willing to pay a whole buck for your trouble.

When a 30 year old man wants a drunken clown for his birthday, he asks for one on Craigslist. He doesn't want to watch any clown tricks, nor does he want the said clown to socialise; all the clown needs to be, is drunk and tag along as the birthday "boy"  with his gang to club-hop across Chicago.

Ever been bombarded with so many text messages that you don't have time to read or reply? Then follow in the footsteps of this genius, who is hiring a "personal texting assistant." The job is not easy; this texting assistant must not only reply to texts, but also delete them, alert him of new texts, read them out and filter! It is a full-time position and will make you $10 richer every hour.