With Sony out of the way for this year's Gamescom, Microsoft had the whole floor to show off a number of projects it's planning on releasing later this year and early 2016. Crackdown 3 is one such game that was shown off at the event, with a host of game details coming out in the open.

Previous to the Gamescom, we didn't have much idea about how the new Crackdown will be or what newer additions or features the game had. However, the game's reveal at Gamescom has answered a lot of questions.

Here's a detailed roundup of everything that was revealed.

Crackdown 3 Roundup – Gamescom 2015

Mecha Battles On the Cards

For starters, reports claim that Crackdown 3 will allow players to take up massive battles against mega robots. But unlike titles like Titanfall, you don't jump into a robot to fight a robot, but rather be in that same ant-like size compared to the behemoth, but carrying weapons that have mastered the fine art of butt-kicking. From whatever that was shown for the game at this year's Gamescom, there weren't many enemies that were showcased. But the ones that did, showed the variations in enemy types – and some of them were quite gigantic and intimidating, to say the least.

The Ladies Get a Piece of Action

As far as the first two Crackdown games in the series are concerned, they only offered male Agents to fight with. There were plans of including a female Agent for the first Crackdown, but the developing team had mixed feelings about that, and scrapped the idea. However, with Crackdown 3, there is a possibility to play as female Agents. Well, it's about time!

We Love the Destruction Mechanics

We have three words for you: Fully destructible environments. Going by whatever we have seen from the game's gameplay snippets, expect mega effing guns that will bring down almost anything in your path. You can destroy buildings and watch them tumble like a house of cards, make your own path by blasting through concrete, and even use that wasted piece of concrete to throw and hit your enemies. Unfortunately though, all this mayhem and destruction will only be limited to the game's multiplayer, which is making a comeback about debuting in Crackdown 3 – 'nuff said!

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]