Cow kiss challenge
Cow kiss challenge #kuhkusschallengetwitter

After the life-threatening online challenges like kiki, tide pod and cinnamon challenges, another one has surfaced in Austria – cow kiss challenge, locally known as Kuh Kuss challenge.

The challenge encouraged the users, mainly in Switzerland and other German-speaking countries to kiss the cows. It was launched with the motive of raising money for charity by a Swiss app called Castl on Wednesday. The cows can be kissed with or without using the tongue.

According to the reports, the Austrian government has warned internet users to avoid this online challenge on Thursday. The agriculture minister of Austria Elisabeth Koestinger has asked the people to stay away from these challenges terming it as a "dangerous nuisance".

Cow Kiss challenge
Cow Kiss challenge #kuhkusschallengetwitter

The minister said that the cows could become aggressive when they are defending their calves and these challenges can be dangerous for the public. "Pastures and meadows are not petting zoos and actions like these could have serious consequences."

However, the cow kiss challenge has been trending on social media platforms and YouTube under #kuhkusschallenge, where people can be seen kissing the cows.

Earlier this year, a female German tourist was trampled to death by the cows while she was hiking with her dog in the Alps in western Austria. The court had ordered the farmer who owned the cattle to pay the woman's husband 550,000 dollars, reports AFP.