It was in last month that the Indian government changed its guidelines towards the usage of Cowin for third-party apps, thus allowing people to book slots for Covid vaccination using these platforms. Making use of this privilege, Paytm has now rolled out a new feature that allows people to book vaccination slots. 

Booking Covid vaccination slot using Paytm 

Paytm which is one of India's leading digital payment app has now launched a vaccination booking app on its platform. The vaccination slot booking feature on Paytm will add to the app's already existing vaccine finder service that helps users find slots of coronavirus vaccine. 

Paytm Covid vaccination
Representational ImagePixabay, Paytm

Users of Paytm can now easily search, find, and book Covid vaccine slots for both Covaxin and Covishield. 

Paytm assisting Indians to fight Covid pandemic

Paytm said that the new feature could contribute to India's fight against the deadly pandemic that has already claimed the lives of more than three million people worldwide. In May, Paytm had launched Vaccine Finder that allowed users to generate leads for vaccine booking. The company also claimed that several people have checked the availability of vaccines using the feature they offered in the app. 

"It is our endeavor to help India come out of this pandemic a lot stronger. Our vaccine finder will help citizens seamlessly book slots at the nearest center and get vaccinated," said a Paytm spokesperson. 

This is not the first time that Paytm is contributing to India's Covid relief efforts. Earlier, the company had donated oxygen concentrators, and they have also pledged to set up oxygen plants in various parts of the country.