As the second wave of Covid has waned in India, different states are slowly lifting the restrictions, hoping that the worst of the pandemic is already over. Educational institutions are gradually getting opened in the nation, and the vaccination rollout is also progressing steadily. However, recent developments in the United Kingdom indicate that Indians should not lose their guard, and even small negligence from the general public could result in another fresh wave of the pandemic. 

India should learn from the United Kingdom

According to the latest updates, a fresh wave of Covid is choking the healthcare infrastructure in the United Kingdom. Hospitals in the nation are close to being overwhelmed by mounting infections, and the healthcare services lobby group, on Wednesday said that strict lockdown measures are needed to curb the spread of the pandemic. 

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It should be noted that the vaccination rollout is progressing at a quick pace in the United Kingdom, and prime minister Boris Johnson, recently claimed that it will help the nation to navigate the winter without another lockdown. 

However, Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation believes that restrictions are mandatory to avoid future crises. According to Taylor, compulsory usage of masks and social distancing measures are very much necessary to stop the spread of the Covid pandemic. 

"I talk to health leaders every day, and I have literally not spoken to any leader who doesn't say that their service is under intense pressure now. This is the middle of October. Things are only going to get worse. The health service is right at the edge... if you push much further we will not be able to provide the level of service that people need to have," said Taylor. 

The United Kingdom, on Wednesday, reported 223 Covid-related deaths, the highest since March. Amid all this chaos, the Boris Johnson government is completely relying on vaccination, and they are also considering giving urgent booster shots to people who are vulnerable. 

Vaccination progressing in India, but what about people under 18

In India, vaccination rollout is steadily progressing among people above the age of 18. However, in several states, schools are getting reopened, and children under the age of 18 will be reaching the school premises without getting vaccinated. It is still unclear how authorities will curb the spread of the pandemic among people in this age group if a third wave outbreak happens. 

Andrew Pollard, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, also revealed that Covid-related complications are very high among the unvaccinated group. 

"Boosters may have some least initial downward pressure on the transmission that we're seeing at the moment. But, the biggest issue for intensive care is not the highly vaccinated individuals, it remains the unvaccinated," added Pollard.