The advertising of an Indian numerologist from Anantapuram, Andhra Pradesh, is circulating on social media after he proposed a foolproof solution to get rid off the Covid-19 virus. 

According to a banner put out as part of his advertisement, SV Annandd Rao, a stenographer at the judicial department in Anantapur claims numerological change could make wonders. He himself has effected name change with extra Ns and Ds.

According to the photo of the commercial, the spelling of the words "Corona" and "COVID-19" was changed to "Caronaa" and "Covviyd-19," respectively. The banner photo stated:

"If you use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either door or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, CARONAA will be disappeared from not only from Ananthapuram dist. But also from the world. This is a guarantee as it is divine power as per NUMEROLOGY." 


According to, numerology is ancient research that interprets the significance of numbers, number variations, letters, and symbols in your existence. This art has the potential to help us tap into the universe's fundamental patterns and discover new truths about ourselves."

However, a report in The Hindu said that almost every second person living in the Anantapur district of AP is testing COVID-19 positive, with the positivity rate on Friday, May 7, 2021 being the highest-ever recorded at 44.99% since March 2020. 

While the cases are highest in his own district and when the whole world is seeking vaccination, with mandatory wearing of masks and other preventive measures, this numerologist has found a solution that defies reason, let alone scientific validity.