A hair salon in the state of Missouri, United States (US), was expected to emerge as a hotspot of the novel coronavirus after two Covid-19 positive staff members exposed as many as 140 customers and six co-workers to the China-originated virus.

But, the health authorities of Missouri were left baffled as well as curious when the COVID-19 test reports of all the exposed individuals came out to be negative. The hair salon, named Great Clips, is located in the city of Springfield.


Both infected stylists wore masks while working

It was last month when the Springfield-Greene County Health Department notified that two hairstylists at Great Clips have contracted the coronavirus and that they might have transmitted the disease to many others. The health officials further noted that both employees were symptomatic and were wearing masks at all times when in the salon.

The potential exposure was believed to have taken place over the course of nine days, between May 12 and May 20.

Giving an update on the matter, the health officials on Tuesday, June 9, informed that none of the customers and co-workers were found to be infected.

"Great news! The incubation period has passed from those potentially exposed from Great Clips! No clients of either stylist nor additional coworkers contracted COVID-19 as a result of this exposure. This is very encouraging and shows the value of wearing masks in public settings," the health department said in a statement.

A lesson in the importance of wearing masks

Clay Goddard, Director of the Springfield-Greene County Health Department, stressed upon the importance of wearing masks and following the other recommended safety measures. He said that the face-coverings played a vital role in nullifying the transmission of COVID-19 at Great Clips.


The salon had made it mandatory for its staff and customers to wear masks and adhere to physical distancing guidelines while inside the salon.

Further, Goddard noted that the Great Clips incident will enable health officials to better understand the transmission and prevention of the coronavirus.

"We are closely studying the details of these exposures, including what types of face coverings were worn and what other precautions were taken to lead to this encouraging result. This situation will greatly expand our understanding of how this novel coronavirus spreads," he said.