Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar announced on Thursday that it is mandatory for anyone arriving in Bengaluru to carry their RT-PCR negative report for COVID-19 April 1 onwards as the city witnesses record spike in new coronavirus cases. The minister noted that there were 1,400 new COVID cases in Bengaluru alone in the last 24 hours, which marks the highest single-day tally in the last four months.

This new announcement comes days after the state government mandated people arriving from Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Chandigarh to carry COVID negative report. But the latest announcement by Sudhakar applies to app incoming passengers.

Dr Sudhakar
Karnataka Health Minister Dr SudhakarTwitter

Measures to contain spread of COVID

The state of Karnataka had managed to steadily bring down the COVID cases tally, but of late, the numbers are spiking again. People are seen flouting COVID guidelines, such as wearing face masks in public and maintaining social distancing, which is likely seen as the reason for the sudden spike in new COVID cases.

On Wednesday, Sudhakar called for a ban on large gatherings at religious and public functions across the state to contain the pandemic.

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"I appeal to all district administrations across the state not to allow religious fairs, entertainment events or political rallies to prevent large gatherings, which turn into super spreaders of the virus," Sudhakar was quoted as saying.

The Minister also urged religious heads, seers of mutts and Kannada film stars not to hold public functions for a month to avoid large gatherings to reduce positive cases.

"The need of the hour is to restrict public activities to prevent adverse reactions and control the situation from going out of hand. Every citizen has to follow the guidelines like wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing and wash hands regularly for reducing the cases," Sudhakar said.