After initially denying that about 20 residents of a village in Uttar Pradesh's Siddhartha Nagar district were administered a different vaccine brand for the second dose, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Sandeep Chaudhary said that an inquiry has been ordered into the incident.

He said stern action would be taken against those responsible for the mix-up. Health workers in the district had administered the Covaxin to 20 villagers who had been given Covishield in the first dose.

Siddhartha Nagar is the home district of the state's Health Minister, Jai Pratap Singh. The incident took place in the primary health centre in Barhni where people from Audahi Kala and another village received Covaxin shots on May 14.

COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine (Representational Picture)Pixabay

These villagers had been given Covishield in the first dose. The incident came to light when one of the villagers, Ram Surat, realised that he had received different vaccines in the first and the second dose and informed senior officials.

The CMO said 20 people had been administered a mix-up of vaccines and the medical teams are keeping a close watch on them.

The people who got different vaccines are under stress but no problem has been reported with any one of them so far, he said. He further said that no one has yet reported any health complaints so far and a health department team has already met them.

Meanwhile, a health worker, who is a part of the vaccination team, said: "We were given vaccines and we simply vaccinated the people. It is the higher officials who should have taken care to see which vaccine is to be given where."